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Welcome to the website for Attorney Michael Lehutsky.  I've built this site to introduce myself to you and allow you to become familiar with the legal services I provide.   I strive to provide effective and aggressive representation of my clients' interests in a variety of legal matters.  Being successful in the effort requires that we bring our skills to bear in several key areas:

•Closely coordinating with our clients and working with  all  necessary people,  court systems and governmental agencies to maximize results for the people we represent.


•Giving you and your legal matter the time and attention necessary to ensure that you receive advice and legal represention that is consistent with all applicable laws and regulations.


•Respecting the importance of your legal matters by  handling it responsibily and in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards.


•Serving our clients and our community as a  resource for information, a sounding board for concerns and a resource for education related to the workings of the legal and governmental systems that impact our lives.

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The links above will connect you with the services I provide.  However, I've always believed that a web site should be more than an advertisement or vanity page.  I've taken time to make this website a functional and useful tool for visitors to use.  The links you find in our online library will connect you with helpful  legal and governmental resources.    It is my hope that you will find it a useful resource that will bring you back time and time again. 


In today's world legal and governmental systems  impact our lives more than ever before.   Subscribe to our newsletter and feel free to share our site with your friends on Facebook or other social sites.  Explore this site; make it your handbook for understanding how law and government affects you; and, watch for updates.  The law is constantly a work in progress and so is this web site.

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The Office of Michael Lehutsky

Attorney & Counselor at Law

613 Main Street

Honesdale, PA 18431

Phone: (570) 253-3800

Fax: (570) 253-3838




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